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Little Johnny came home early from school and started calling his mother with no answer. He finally went up stairs and saw the bedroom door was open a little. When he peered in, he saw his dad on the bed with the maid so he quietly went outside and waited for his mother. When she showed up with some groceries, he said “Mommy, Mommy guess what I saw? I saw daddy upstairs on the bed with the maid and they were…….” And his Mother said, “Stop right there, Johnny”. Wait until supper tonight when the maid is serving the meal. When I wink at you, and then tell me the story.” At supper when all were seated and being served by the maid, she winked and Johnny began again. “Mommy, when I got home from school early today, I was looking for you and saw daddy on the bed with the maid. They were doing the same thing that I saw you and Uncle Phil doing at the cottage last summer.”


Miya Ghalib garibi se tang akr Daku bn gaya. Daketi krne Bank gye or kaha. Arj hai,Takdir me jo h whi milega, Hands Up madarchodo koi apni jagah se nhi hilega. Fir cashier se kaha...kuch khawab meri aankho se nikaal do Jo kuch b hai bhosadi ke jaldi se is bag mai dal do. Bhula de mujhko kya jata h tera, Mai ma chod dunga, jo kisi ne peecha kiya mera