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A guy had to choose a wife frm 3 girls.:-):-) He gave each sum money to test them. 1st got a makeover to luk good.:-O The man got impressed.;-) . 2nd bought clothes 4 d guy & told him its he who is prime 4 her.:-) He liked her also;-) . . 3rd invested d money & made a profit & gave it back.The guy likd her too.;-);-) . . And finally wen d time came to choose . . The guy simply chose the girl with . . . . . . .The bigest boob. Men wil b Men! :D:D

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KhattaCorp is back!

Yes guys the group is back again at: 14 feb 2021 Come join and invite your friends too.

"नंगी" तलवार हो या "नंगी" औरत दोनों से बचना चाहिए

"नंगी" तलवार हो या "नंगी" औरत दोनों से बचना चाहिए🗡👸🏻 क्योंकि "नंगी" तलवार आपका खून निकाल सकती है🗡 और "नंगी" औरत आपका पानी 💦निकाल सकती है..!! 😂😂😝🙊🙊😝😂😂