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one day the Teacher asked d class 1 students about there future plan... Lil john raised his hand Teacher ..yes john wts ur plan Lil john : I want to be stinking rich ...clubbing everyy day...boozing, dancing,smoking..*beer* moving around with lil bitches and gifing them diamonds ,villas, a private jet... And make love with her thrice a dayy.♥♥ Teacher thot it wz a waste to tell john ..he is a spoilt brat so she ignores3-| and asked lucy - u tell Lucyy- I wanna b lil johns lil bitch...;;) =)) =D

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"नंगी" तलवार हो या "नंगी" औरत दोनों से बचना चाहिए

"नंगी" तलवार हो या "नंगी" औरत दोनों से बचना चाहिए🗡👸🏻 क्योंकि "नंगी" तलवार आपका खून निकाल सकती है🗡 और "नंगी" औरत आपका पानी 💦निकाल सकती है..!! 😂😂😝🙊🙊😝😂😂

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KhattaCorp is back!

Yes guys the group is back again at: 14 feb 2021 Come join and invite your friends too.